If you have not yet downloaded the app from the Apple App store do so now and skip to step 3).

If you are having trouble connecting the WiFi to the DBUS2 start with step 1)

1) Delete the App from your iPhone

2) Reinstall the App from the App Store

3) Open the App and login (or if you have not registered, please register or use in Guest Mode) 

4) Go to you DBUS2 and turn it on

5) Go to the iPhone and switch to AIRPLANE MODE - ON

6) Go to WiFi and connect to the DBUS2 (DBUS2-###) use the password "dronesbyus"

7) Go to the App - make sure you are in DBUS2 (if it shows DBUS1 swipe to the left to switch to DBUS2)

8) Tap Start and you will be in and ready to fly.