Let me start by saying that for many of these to work you must have your drone set to “Outdoor Mode”. 

Tracking:  Be up at least 3 meters high.  When selecting the feature the user must highlight a shape/object to track.  Best results if there is high contrast and difference in color from background. (Must be set to outdoor mode)

Return Home:  Must be enabled in settings before takeoff.  The “Lost Connection Setting” must be turned on.  If user is to select the return feature, or if the connection is lost,  the drone will rise up approx. 30ft. (as a safety precaution so there is less chance of objects to block it while autonomously flying) before heading back to its launch point.  (Must be set to outdoor mode)

Surround:  After setting a height & horizontal distance (radius to center point) the DBUS2 will fly around the center point while keeping the camera pointed to center. (Must be set to outdoor mode)

360:  It will rotate in a single 360degree turn, leaving the user hands free for any type of creative capturing moments. (Must be set to outdoor mode)

Vrille (Helix):  Select a start point (height and radius distance).  The drone will do a 360 surround flight while keeping the camera pointed toward the center.  At the same time as it is flying the circumference path it will rise in altitude.  (Must be set to outdoor mode)


Long Short  DBUS2 will smoothly travel/slide left or right (cyclic lateral) and record for a selected number of seconds.  After completing the flight, it will return back to starting point. (Must be set to outdoor mode)

Obliques Rise  DBUS2 will rise and reverse at selected angle while recording for the selected number of seconds.  Once completed it will return back to original location. (Must be set to outdoor mode)

Speech: Coming in a future release

Memory Route: The DBUS2 will memorize a recorded route, and will be able to fly the route repeatedly.

Fly Route Option requires the user to fly the route in which they want the DBUS2 to fly.

Instructions: While Hovering, select the Route feature, and then tap the Create ( + ) option. When you are ready to fly your route please tap Start recording, in the center of the screen (blue box). This will begin the recording process of the route (not a video camera recording). When you are finished with the route please end the recording by selecting Recording Over. You now have the option to select “I Know” or “Start Flying”. 

Selecting “I Know” will save the route recorded for later (the route will be forgotten when the DBUS2 has been turned off).

Selecting “Start flying” will cause the DBUS2 to retrace the flight path in reverse order and back to its starting point of the recorded path.

If the DBUS2 can recognize the VIO patterns it has recorded previously then the DBUS2 will fly back to its starting point of the memory route and begin the recorded flight. For best results it is best to manually fly the DBUS2 back to or near the starting point of the route and begin its memory flight. Please keep in mind that the DBUS2 recognizes differentiating patterns to recognize where it is going. If there are many similar blending colors, not a lot of contrasts/object depth, or a lot of moving objects it may make it harder for you DBUS2 to stay its course.

Manual Mode means you are able to walk your DBUS2 along a path as it records using the VIO camera. When you are finished you may walk back to the start point, launch the drone, position its height approximately to where you started your route, hit the “Execute” button and watch your DBUS2 go! Please be mindful that VIO must capture the image clearly to work, so shaky cameras and fast speeds can negatively affect the route memorization.

Gesture: Located in the Shooting modes settings:  Must be turned on to use it.

Pictures: A user can raise their hand next to their face to snap a camera shot.  Just raise your hand up to your ears, count to three and then pose!

Video recording can be activated by raising 1 arm up and above your head (forearm touching the top of your head) and hold it for about 3 seconds and be ready to be recorded. To stop recording you repeat the holding arm up and over your head for 3 seconds.

So, there you go. As always, our knowledgeable and helpful customer Drones by US support staff will be happy to work with anyone on an individual basis.

Happy flying.