Our DbUS Drones are Android based devices.  Transferring your pictures and videos from your DbUS drones to your Apple iOS machine requires an Android to Apple Transfer application which can be found here:  https://www.android.com/filetransfer/

1: Connect your DbUS Drone to your Mac using a Micro USB Cable (from drone) to standard USB cable (to computer)

2: Download and install “Android File Transfer” 

3:  Click Get Started

4:  You will now be able to navigate your DbUS drone folders (pic, video and tracklog)

5:  Find the Pictures and Videos you would like and drag it to your desktop or preferred folder on your iOS machine.

6: Open your file, You can only do this when it is on your Mac.

*Your videos and pictures will stay on your DbUS drone unless you delete them manually.  There is a maximum capacity of 16gb memory space on your DbUS1 and DbUS2.