Turn on your DBUS Remote.  Please leave your drone off.

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, release when LED’s are on.  The green LED’s should all turn on, and run through a check process.  When complete you will see a blinking green light.

It is ready to be Paired.

Please open your mobile device’s wifi network settings and search for the DBUS Remote SSID. 

Remote Controller SSID:  DbUS-RC-xxxxx

Default Password:  dronesbyus

Once connected to the Remote please turn on your drone. 

Wait for the drone to initialize before opening the app

In the apps opening screen please select the drone you will be using (DBUS1 or DBUS2) and start the app.

*It is important to make sure your select the correct drone.  By not doing so can cause abnormal flights or no flight at all.

Once in the flight screen, please tap on the Setting icon

In the settings menu, please tap on the Wi-Fi Connection Settings

From here you will look for the option “Remote Connects the Drone”

Once selected the app will look for the Drones SSID.  (i.e.. DBUS2-xxxxx)

Select the Drones broadcasted SSID and enter the drone’s password (default: dronesbyus)

Please allow the Remote to connect to the done.

The app will notify you once the drone is connected.

Exit the Settings menu and have a great flight!