To prevent a FlyAway situation and enhance your user experience there are a few precautions we recommend:

  • Set the Height and Distance settings – Having your Height and Distance to 20 meters by 20 meters will give you nice breathing room to fly your drone while not having to worry about your wifi connection or about going too far.  Either of these could possibly result in losing track of your drone. (Always pay attention to the connection of the drone to the phone, you are the pilot and you are responsible for the control of the drone.)
    • To get to the Height and Distance settings please tap on the Settings icon  on the top right hand corner in the Drones by US App

  • Then proceed to Controls Settings   Here you will find the DBUS2 control settings
  • We recommend your Height and Distance to be set at a Height of 20 meters and a Distance of 20 meters. This will restrict your DBUS2 from going too far and too high while you learn your drone and understand your surroundings (frequency interference, poles, trees, bushes. etc). The DBUS2 is a very capable drone, but we have to keep in mind all mobile devices are built differently. Please be aware, controller connection from your mobile device to the DBUS2 can vary, depending on the mobile devices’ capabilities.

The DBUS2 is equipped with both a 2.4ghz and 5.8Ghz. You may choose the frequency of which you as the pilot prefer. Some mobile devices do not have a 5.8Ghz wifi band so therefore 2.4ghz would be your frequency of choice.